The Finishing Process (Video Update)

" In my Thirty years in this business, I can't remember when I've been as enthused about a house as I am about this one. "    

Regan Youngberg, Construction Manager

In December we posted a video update for this project. It has been a short eight months and we are now into the finishing process. This is the part of the build that feels like it takes the longest. Our craftsman have to be meticulous. Every cut, every nail, every swipe of a paintbrush has to be perfect.  If what you just did isn't perfect....... Redo it. Its this work ethic that puts an RCCM, Inc. house above the rest.

Are we being too strict or overly critical? Hardly. This is the reason we use Craftsman. They want their work to be just as flawless as we do, that fact is readily evident when you look at this house. 

So enjoy the video and stay tuned as we wrap up this beautiful house.